Complete Transparency On All Vehicles


Our method of providing customers with complete transparency all starts before the car even arrives on our lot. We conduct a comprehensive screening process on all incoming cars before they are ever listed as available. If any discovered defect does not pass our quality standards, the vehicle immediately goes to our trained mechanics for reconditioning or repair.

We also offer each of our customers a free CarFax vehicle history report on the car you’re considering purchasing. A vehicle history report gives you the entire history of any used car. This gives you access to the vehicle title branding, any lemon law buybacks, odometer fraud, and any recalls on the vehicle that have been made.

The lemon law buybacks aspect of the report is oftentimes one of the most important indicators of a reliable vehicle. What the lemon law means is any vehicle that malfunctions shortly after purchase, the dealership must buy back that vehicle at cost. So, a vehicle that has never been subject to the lemon law is likely a reliable car since it has never had severe issues shortly after purchase. A vehicle history report also makes an attempt to show whether the vehicle had ever been used for car rental agencies, police and emergency services, or as part of a taxi fleet.